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Power-related issues are becoming more difficult and expensive to solve. Load growth exerts pressure on existing systems and aging infrastructure, causing frequent outages and reduced power quality. Rising energy costs and cybersecurity concerns can jeopardize your operations.

Regardless of the issue at hand, solving today’s challenges requires careful consideration before implementing new generation or distribution capital programs. With the many new solutions available to choose from, you are now faced with a critical decision: select a conventional “wired” approach or respond in a non-conventional way. Even with dedicated in-house resources, arriving at a conclusion can be an uncertain and time-consuming process. You can evaluate these big decisions more efficiently by working with an experienced partner who can thoroughly vet your problem, offer an expanded menu of options designed specifically for you, and walk you through every step in the process.


Required Due Diligence

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S&C's Solutions


Microgrids are a sophisticated non-wires alternative solution best applied for areas requiring a high degree of resiliency, power quality, and reliability. S&C is a proven microgrid integrator offering a complete solution, from controls to communications and hardware.

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GridMaster® Microgrid Control System

Safeguard your non-wires alternative solution with S&C’s extensive expertise in securing industrial control systems and distributed energy resources. With roots in military-grade microgrid control systems, S&C offers industry-leading cybersecurity support for microgrids.

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S&C provides a full range of power-delivery services at every project phase. These services range from preliminary feasibility studies, regulatory considerations, and financing structures to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) delivery, as well as operations and maintenance plans after system deployment.

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Case Studies

North Bay Hydro

A microgrid providing a resiliency hub and refuge to a Canadian community.

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Ameren Microgrid

One of the most advanced utility-scale microgrids in North America.

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City of Field Microgrid

An energy storage-backed microgrid providing support to a remote community during outages.

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