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S&C now offers another choice in metal-enclosed gear. Economical new Vista SD Underground Distribution Switchgear is the first practical solid-dielectric switchgear with a visible open gap and field-replaceable bushings. It features:

  • Visi-Gap® Load-Interrupter Switches. These vacuum load-interrupter switches provide three-pole live switching of 600-amp main feeders. The switches comply with IEEE Standard 1247 and IEC Standard 62271-103.
  • Visi-Gap® Fault Interrupters. These microprocessor-controlled vacuum fault interrupters provide three-pole live switching and protection of 600-ampere main feeders and 200- or 600-ampere taps, laterals, and sub-loops. Fault interrupters comply with both IEEE Standard C37.60 and IEC Standard 62271-111.

The elbow-connected switches and fault interrupters are encapsulated in an environmentally friendly solid-dielectric insulating material.